How does Inline Payroll work?

Government legislation states that if a worker is under direct control or supervision of the hirer, they cannot be paid as self employed person.

Inline Payroll provide umbrella payroll management services to individuals requiring employment status, as well as hirers requiring freelance workers or contractors. We will initiate a service agreement between both parties that allows previously self-employed persons to feel some of the security of employment, and offers the hirer indemnification from the regular constraints of fulltime employment

Our service is fully approved by HM Revenue & Customs and allows both individuals and hirers to operate their businesses efficiently, in full compliance of IR35 and False Self-employment legislation. With special dispensation from HMRC, we are able to offset legitimate business expenses on behalf of the worker and we can help companies gain savings by decreasing their liability for employee National Insurance Contributions.

What are IR35, False Self-employment and Dispensation, and what do they mean to me as a self-employed individual?

IR35 is the term given to legislation brought in by the Government in 2000. The aim of the legislation is to stop individuals and businesses taking advantage of certain tax loopholes which had previously allowed both sides to lower their tax and national insurance liabilities.
False Self-employment is the act of trading as a self-employed person, when really the company you are working for expects you to act like an employee. The new legislation means that anyone who is under direct control or supervision cannot be paid as self-employed
Dispensation is special status awarded by HMRC which allows Inline Payroll to pay legitimate business expenses free from tax and NICs without reporting them with P11D. For dispensation to apply, your business expenses must be legitimate as detailed by the terms of our Inline Payroll Business Expense Policy. If you still have questions about any of the information above please give us a call on 01795 507181 - our friendly, professional team are ready to help answer any questions you may have.

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