How do Companies benefit from Inline Payroll’s payroll management services?

By contracting services from employees of Inline Payroll, companies who are not able to employ staff directly can take advantage of an existing, flexible workforce of contractors, secure in the knowledge they are working in full compliance of IR35 and False Self-employment legislation

Inline Payroll represents self-employed individuals who require employment status for a number of reasons and we are in a position to offer our HMRC compliant payroll management services to companies

We are not a recruitment agency, we are not looking to place staff or act as a middleman - our objective is to support you by supporting the individual with our HMRC approved business umbrella model. This can benefit companies in several ways. Along with the benefits of risk-free workforce flexibility, IR35 and False Self-employment rules compliance, there are also financial savings to be had in the form of reduced Class 1 National Insurance Contributions. Once a contractor is employed by Inline Payroll the NICs for that individual become the responsibility of Inline Payroll and the individual

Benefits for Hirers

  • Dedicated Inline Payroll account handler
  • Allows hirer to contract individuals sure of legal compliance
  • Flexible approach to staffing as contractor is employed by Inline Payroll
  • Minimises administration as we deal with all the paperwork
  • Indemnity from Class 1 National Insurance Contribution liability
  • No set-up or termination fees and no hidden charges

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