Stress-free administration

By becoming an employee of Inline Payroll, self-employed individuals can enjoy employee status and operate secure in the knowledge that they are working outside the restrictions of IR35 legislation

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Increased workforce flexibility and hassel free staffing

By contracting services from employees of Inline Payroll, companies who are not able to employ staff directly can take advantage of an existing, flexible workforce of contractors, secure in the knowledge they are working in full compliance of IR35 and False Self-employment legislation.

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Gain employment status and HMRC tax compliance

Our service is fully approved by HM Revenue & Customs and allows both individuals and hirers to operate their businesses efficiently, in full compliance of IR35 and False Self Employment regulations.

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Complete PAYE payroll solutions for self-employed individuals seeking
employment status in their current freelance work

Inline Payroll are a Payroll Management Umbrella Company providing a fully HMRC compliant PAYE umbrella employment solution for individuals in business and small companies who require staff but are unable to offer employment.

If you are self-employed and acting as a contractor or freelancer, it is possible you have considered becoming a limited company in order to offset your tax deductible expenses. You may be head of a company that requires staff but is not in a position to employ on a fulltime basis. IR35 regulations and the recent False Self-employment legislation that have come into force mean that, for some, freelance self-employment can be a grey area full of legal uncertainty.

Through Inline Payroll, individuals can gain employee status and hirers can operate a freelance workforce, indemnified from the usual constraints of employment - all 100% stress-free and legal. With special dispensation awarded by HMRC, we will act on an individual’s behalf to offset legitimate business expenses against your tax liability.

For Individuals

  • Gain employee status and access to statutory state benefits
  • Full HMRC, IR35 and False Self-employment compliance
  • Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurances
  • Claim legitimate tax deductible expenses using our special dispensation

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